About Us

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We’ve been in business since 1994 as Andrews Newsstand, but over these many years this business has become obsolete for several reasons. There are so many more ways for people to get their information and entertainment than ever before. The biggest obstacle for this business these days is the internet. It’s already enough that most anything you might want to know is free and easy to find on the internet, but magazine publishers are actively encouraging folks to subscribe to the online versions of their magazines. After all, it saves them a fortune if they only print one copy that all of their subscribers can share. This downfall of the newsstand business didn’t happen overnight though, it’s been declining little by little for a good many years. Of course, now publishers are printing less and we’re being forced out of business.

We can’t stay in business if we don’t have product to sell.

So what happens now?

Back when I was a young man, I worked at a bolt manufacturing plant where we specialized in making bent bolts like anchor bolts, J bolts and U bolts of all shapes and sizes. We also manufactured tons of threaded rod every day. We even built many of the machines we used in the making of those products. And even though this place was considered a sweatshop by most people who worked there, I enjoyed the hard work and the challenge of repairing the machines on the fly, right up until the day I quit there as the foreman. I learned a lot about machines and manufacturing back in the day. And some of the ideas I had for contraptions back then would still be useful today. I guess it was the love of making things that kept me happy at that sweaty and nasty job. It’s also the reason I’ve been investing in machines to work on my own projects every time I’ve had a little money. These are machines I feel are necessary to bring some of my life long dreams ideas into reality.

So now I have a little shop where I can manufacture the parts I need. I might be willing to take some light repetitive production work, but my desire these days is to focus on producing and perfecting the wind and solar products I can manufacture in my Little Shop in Texas. If you’d like to know more about us, visit the store.