Before You Buy a Freedom II PMG

Before you buy a “Missouri Wind and Solar” Freedom II pmg for your vertical axis wind turbine project, you need to watch this video!

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I’ve been recommending the freedom II as the best dual core permanent magnet generator to use with my stealth vawt for a few years now. BUT I can show very little enthusiasm for their product when they make changes that are detrimental to its intended use. A keyway and key I can understand. BUT why drill two quarter inch deep  holes in the shaft directly across from each other on either side of the keyway? This weakens the 17mm stainless steel shaft to a point of uselessness.

Photo of a Freedom II PMA showing a set screw hole and keyway.

I hope “Missouri Wind and Solar” offers a smooth shaft version again. Or upgrades to a morse tapered shaft like I demonstrate in the above video. Or at least use either a keyway “or” a set screw hole, but not both. I have no choice but to pull back my recommendations for the use of the Freedom II with my VAWT.

If you have a recommendation for another dual core PMG or low RPM permanent magnet alternator/generator, please share the information in the comment section below. Almost all comments are welcomed. What I mean by almost is; keep it on topic and keep it clean.

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