Demonetized For a Fart

I just put up a video of Dan’s VAWT mounting plate. Unfortunately the video has been demonetized due to content identified as not suitable for most advertisers. I do have to admit, in some circles the word “fart” may be considered foul language. And of course if I was using the word to hurl insults at others, or threatening to fart in your general direction … Read more

Before You Buy a Freedom II PMG

Before you buy a “Missouri Wind and Solar” Freedom II pmg for your vertical axis wind turbine project, you need to watch this video! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel I’ve been recommending the freedom II as the best dual core permanent magnet generator to use with my stealth vawt for a few years now. BUT I can show very little enthusiasm for their … Read more

Welcome to my Site

Welcome to the little shop in Texas! This little shop website is mainly about my experiments in home power and self reliance. Eventually I hope to offer PDF plans to my projects for purchase and download. I’m hoping the profits from those sales will allow me the money required to buy enough materials to make the parts needed to build a few Stealth … Read more