Stealth VAWT Upgrades

Stealth VAWT Upgrades. Over the last couple years, many people who had watched my ‘Building the Stealth VAWT’ video asked me a question, “How much”? Well, that answer depends on whether you need parts or the whole thing. Unfortunately I haven’t had an accurate answer until now. The first Stealth VAWT was made strictly as a proof of concept experiment. The next two … Read more

Guesstimating in VAWT Design?

A VAWT question arrived in my email. Hello.  I enjoyed your various video’s showing your testing of the different generators and the build of your vawt. I was wondering if you had a way to determine the shape, number and dimensions of the blades for your vawt, or if you made it by “guesstimating”? The FREEDOM pmg’s look to be a good choice … Read more