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Contributions toward research and development are happily accepted!

I’ve had hundreds of ideas for projects over my lifetime, but I have very little cash to invest into them. It does help that every three months or so I do receive a little money from AdSense for the ads running on my YouTube channel, but it never is very much. So far I’ve had no sells for wind turbines or solar trackers that I’ve built, so everything I’ve manufactured this far can only be considered products of a hobby or experiments. It’s not that I don’t want to sell them; it’s just that I can’t sell them for less than the cost of materials it took to build them, and my efforts and the hours spent building them should have some value. Not to mention that I’ve spent over ten thousand dollars buying the machines I use in building my projects. Of course its been twenty years of collecting the tools and machines in the shop, so I’m not saying I need new tools to make my videos. But I am saying I can’t build my projects or make my videos without the tools in my shop.

So I’m asking, if you’d like to donate a dollar or two to help fund my experiments, anything you care to pitch in would be greatly appreciated. Below is a direct link to my PayPal account for donations.

Or to keep PayPal from taking 3%

A friend can send money to a friend without any PayPal transfer fees. If you only want to send a dollar or two, and you have your own PayPal account, use my email address to send money to a friend. After all, if you’re sending me money you are a friend of mine.

Not donating, that’s okay.

Thanks for browsing my site and watching my videos.

If you use this link to shop on eBay, I’ll receive a few cents if you buy something.


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    • Hello Carmen. I’m sorry it took so long to answer your question. It’s been awhile since i’ve made any parts for my turbines. I have no back stock on any of the parts I’d need to build one. Money is tight, so I can’t even buy the materials unless I receive the payment in advance. But to answer your question, I have a video I’d like you to watch. It will explain the function and price of each of the parts. The turbine can be sold separately, but you will need to make or have made the center tube; If you do not wish to use the Freedom II PMA. I can make the center tube for you but I would need to custom fit the center tube to the PMA/PMG that you plan to use.
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