Base mount + Sun Tracking Solar Panels + Stealth VAWT = Power Pod

Base mount + Sun Tracking Solar Panels + Stealth VAWT = Power Pod

The blades in the power pod gif image above are actually spinning faster than they appear to be.

Also, the blades appear to be moving backward compared to there normal clockwise rotation.

This contraption I call a power pod is basically a free standing steel framed base to hold a mast for a stealth vawt along, along with a pair of 100 watt sun tracking solar panels. Concrete blocks add ballast to the base which prevents the mast and turbine from tipping over in high wind. Of course the height of the mast on this first prototype doesn’t put the turbine high enough to do much good. As you might guess the higher you raise the turbine, the greater chance it will find wind needed to spin it.

While this first attempt may seem like a pretty nifty idea, it’s still not exactly what I had in mind when I built it. This rig does have a sun tracking 200 watt solar array mounted to the same mast that holds the stealth vawt, but it doesn’t have the 20 foot telescoping and tilting mast that was part of my original idea. I’m financially limited to buy only the materials I can afford to buy. Please watch the video below for a better explanation of what I plan the fully developed power pod to look like. Pennys I earn from ads place in my YouTube videos help purchase materials for research and development of future projects.

If you don’t mind a little warped humor, this video will give you a better idea of the attributes I plan to built into the next power pod

Watch it to the end, it’s a gas.


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