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Project Plans and Instructions

Eventually I will have plans with instructions available for purchase on this page. That doesn’t mean they’re going to be expensive. However before I can make them available, I’ll need to buy SketcUp or some other type of licensed drafting program before I can offer printable plans for download. So I’ll need to charge some kind of fee to be compensated for my investments. Once I have the ability to publish plans, this page will be peppered with printable diagrams for most of the projects folks have been asking for. There will be those plans, plus several other ideas that have been in the back of my mind for as long 60 years. Unfortunately I rarely develop my projects as sketches or drawings before I start putting them together. I tend to build first, then reverse engineer when drawing the plans.

Maybe this will help

Here’s a couple videos to help you get started building your own stealth vawt.

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Once printable plans are available you will need to find ways to manufacture parts for your project. I have found that YouTube is a great resource for finding a multitude of different ways to complete most any task you can imagine. There are many brilliant folks who share their knowledge openly and in great detail. So you might find ways to make these parts without any large investments in machinery.

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Just in case you feel the urge to purchase the tools that will help build your project with ease and precision, here are a few machines that should help. Two of these machines are exactly the same as ones used in my little shop.



If you’d like to contribute a couple dollars to the cause, you’ll find the best ways to do that on the contributions page..



6 thoughts on “Project Plans”

    • Thanks Tracey, I’ll look into it, but I don’t think I can use this. The problem with freecad is, I can’t charge a fee to people who wish to download the results of my many years of work. If I can’t charge a fee, I will become homeless and hungry.

  1. Hi Andrew,
    My name is Shane and Im from Vancouver island and I love what your trying to do here.
    I love to fabricate stuff and I have used sketchup (the free version ) to design all my projects.
    You can take a screen shot of the project and file it as a pdf or any other format you might want ,and save it to your document on your PC or Mac. The program takes a bit to learn but when it clicks in there will be no stopping you. When I do my project I print every thing off (with all dimensions) and take it to the machine shop I frequent and they love it because they just punch in the dimensions (in 3D) and then it doesnt cost me as much because they dont have to do the math.
    Your a ingenious man Im sure you can figure out a way to make it work for you.

    Kindest regards ,Shane

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