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  • Base mount + Sun Tracking Solar Panels + Stealth VAWT = Power Pod

Welcome to the little shop in Texas!

This little shop website is mainly about my experiments in home power and self reliance. Eventually I hope to offer PDF plans to my projects for purchase and download. I’m hoping the profits from those sales will allow me the money required to buy enough materials to make the parts needed to build a few Stealth VAWTs which I can put up for sale on this site. The stealth vawts could be sold as complete units or in kit form. I’d also like to offer solar trackers and the freestanding base as well. And in the not too distant future I’d also like to offer a 40′ foot tall telescoping tilt up tower for the stealth vawt to sit atop, but I haven’t built one of those yet.

But for now I hope you find value In what I’m trying to share despite of the way I am sharing it. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, a video can be worth a little more. So you’ll find most of the experiment and build videos that I’ve uploaded to YouTube displayed in these pages. While i’d rather folks watch my videos directly on YouTube for monetary reasons, posting them on this website allows me the opportunity to explain why I do the things I do. It also allows questions to be asked and answered without worries of trolls jumping into the conversation. So if you have a question, feel free to ask it, or if you have a suggestion please feel free to share it in the comment section below. You will still see videos on my YouTube channel that you won’t see here simply because I can make a little money off of my videos when they are seen on YouTube. And that is how I earn the money I use to buy materials for my projects.

So please subscribe to my Little Shop YouTube channel.

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7 thoughts on “Welcome to my Site”

  1. Hi Andrew,
    I finally found your website. I have been watching your VAWT videos but didn’t get to your home page until today. I have commented on a couple of your videos as STEVE W and I am the one with years of sheet metal fabrication experience. I have many questions and many suggestions for your VAWT project because I hope to build one this or next summer for my place. I will leave my email so we can communicate without trolls or sharing trade secrets on a social site. The choice is yours.
    My first question is, how did you decide on this particular design?

    Thanks, Steve

    • Sorry I haven’t got back to you before now Steve. The easiest way for me to have a conversation is by phone. If you’d like to call me, the store number is on the contact page of my website. I’m available most of the time between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm central time.

    • I would love to setup the jigs and work holding devices that would make each step of the manufacturing process easier, faster and more precise. Unfortunately the little shop is no more than a walled-in carport. There is no room to store those forms, jigs and work holders once they’re made. I will also need to sale more than one turbine every four years in order to justify the expense of building all of those single purpose tools that will be taking up the already limited space. I do plan to add-on extra storage/work space once I have the money to do so.
      A pneumatic riveter is another luxury I’d like to have, but first I’ll need to get 220 power out to the shop in order to run my forty year old air-compressor.
      First things first.

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